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Master groomer since 1984

CERTIFIED Trainer/ handler since 1988

EXCLUSIVE  products for healing skin and shedding coats

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We are located at 1436 Superior Ave Sheboygan WI 


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This is the basic grooming service. This luxury spa - bath service includes a full shampoo and conditioning treatment with world famous MATALAS Products. 

During this relaxing spa bath, your pet will receive detailed attention which generally includes a nail trim, complete skin, ear and anal gland treatment if needed, a luxury shampoo and conditioning, and a healing oil treatment on feet and noses if needed. Teeth brushing is $5.00 additional charge. 

We finish the bath session with a professional brushing and warm, relaxing fluff dry which removes extra dead hair while making your pets skin and coat feel and smell brand new. This basic bath service does not include any coat trimming.

This service is priced according to specific breed and temperment considerations that help to determine the general amount of time it will take to groom your pet. Prices start at $30.00 and range up to $120.00 depending on the work involved. We take all the time needed to get the job done safely and professionally finished with a fine tooth comb. 

With 35 years experience, I welcome all jobs, including hard to handle temperments, biters, skin problems, and separation issues so please feel free to ask if you can stay with your pet while they are being groomed. 

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This service is for those who like a light trim to areas such as feet, private areas, rear end area, tail, ears or specific length scissor trimming. This additional half hour session is integrated into and along with the full spa- bath treatment (BASIC BATH AND NAILS)

This service adds an additional $10.00 to $20.00 on the basic bath fee. The price will vary depending on factors such as matting, handling, and coat type. We will go over trimming and pricing each time you bring your pet in. Prices subject to change between appointments.

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This is a full service grooming/ spa treatment. We dedicate a full two hours of finely detailed precision clipper and scissor work on all breeds. We take pride in grooming in accordance with owner specifications.

This service starts with an initial hair prepping full body trim before the bath to remove any matting and to remove layers of dead undercoat and to establish the style and look you want. Next, your pet receives a full MATALAS bath treatment complete with all the detailed basics and nails as listed under the basic bath description. A final warm fluff up and detailed precision clipper and scissor finish creates the ultimate completed style and comfort for your pet that the whole family will enjoy for weeks between appointments with us. This method insures your pet leaves clean, healthy, shiny and happy. We top it all off with a cute bow or bandanna of your choosing.

This service is priced according to factors such as breed, weight, size, temperment, hair cut length and also in the amount of time since the last groom. Too much time between professional grooming means more work and the likelihood of problems such as curled nails, skin problems and matting. 

FULL GROOM PRICES START AT $45.00 and can range up to $120.00.

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She was kind and caring & funny! Great place. My pitbull is a rescue and terrified of grooming and loud noises, and new places & sometimes people but i’ve never seen a groomer so caring and loyal to each breed that walks into the door. She took my dog in as if it was her own. she makes her own shampoo and my pup was soft and smelled amazing, nails were cut perfect. This is the only place i will take my dog.

Erin Cullen Sheboygan

We took our little Teddy Bear to Kim at Advanced Grooming , not only did they get me in quickly, Kim did the Best Grooming job that we have ever seen on our dog. And we have been to many salons. I could even smell the difference!!! So Clean and Fresh with her homemade products. Advanced Grooming is the only place we will go to from now on.....A+ Service.

Pam Liebl

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